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Unfortunately, we cannot answer that. This is something that is specific to you and your workplace. It is also not just about the number of first aiders, but at what level they are trained too. Higher risk areas would require more first aiders and educated to a higher level. See our Assessment of First Aid needs calculator for help.

First aiders are required to re-qualify every three years. If you fail to do this, the HSE will not consider you a competent first aider. The HSE also recommend that you undertake a 1-day refresher each year to keep up to date with legislation changes.

This information can be found in our Pre-Course Information or downloaded here. Quali-T&C

Yes, all of our courses have been written according to the latest UK Resuscitation Council guidelines (2015), and you will receive updates on any changes.

We recommend you wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, please do not wear skirts or dresses to participate in the essential practical elements of our training. You will also be asked to remove your shoes, so you might want to wear your best socks or at least some that do not have holes in them.

Quali is a business that is fully regulated and supported through Ofqual, Qualsafe Awards and First Aid Awards.  We invest heavily in the equipment you will be using during your training, this includes real-time feedback manikins. Our courses are practical, fun, engaging and held in small groups so that everyone can receive individual attention to ensure you feel confident coping with a medical emergency. We aim to make your prompt and efficient. We have sufficient equipment and resources, to ensure you are not waiting around.  We understand that some people like to choose the national charities as a way to give back. Please do not let that stop you from picking Quali. We pass 10% of each course onto our ‘Qualifib’ donation scheme, where we intend to provide free public access defibrillators to the general communities that we serve.  All our classes comply with the very latest Resuscitation Council Guidelines. Our courses include more content than other First Aid Training businesses as we cover Head and Spinal Injuries, Heart Attacks, use of a Defibrillator, Asthma and breaks and sprains in addition to the full HSE syllabus.  We are approved by several awarding organisations are under their direct award schemes. This means we can certificate without the need for an external examiner and is a testament to our professionalism.


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